Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally...Some new updates

Okay,'s been a long time so here is an assortment of recent events, along with the holidays.  Josh slacked a little so of course, I've taken over.  So, Geneva Elise has finally joined us.  Greyson still hasn't fully acknowledged that she exists but we try.  She's definitely giving him a run for his money on cuteness.  Anyways, we're so happy for Omar and Abbey.  Grey also has a lot more tricks now.  He says da da da (I swear it's not dada, just some babble), he sits on his own, he claps, and tries to put his arms up.  Every day there is something new.  As you can see, he has no problem eating, always keeps his mouth open and has yet to find a food he doesn't like.

Here is Geneva on her birthday!!!

We took Greyson to the park with the family.  He absolutely loves being on the swing.

Um....why did you put me on this thing dad?

Spalsh splash, I love baths!

Josh has a picture of him doing this same pose when he was little.  Except he was wearing a leotard and in ballet.

Go chargers!!  Greyson had a little to much to drink at the playoff game:)

Greyson supporting his favorite college team, the Utes.

One of his new tricks is he now claps.

Christmas 2008

The Christmas season was very eventful this year.  We started with a Christmas party for the foster kids in Alex's Foundation.  As you can see, Omar and Josh got in the spirit.  Liz and Alex came down for Christmas and as you can see, Grey had his first "Christmas Story" moment in his reindeer outfit.  Good choice Liz and Alex:)  You can also see Grey in his new favorite chair that Bubby got him for Christmas.  It has his name on it and everything.  There aren't that many pictures of Christmas because we played Rock Band for two days in our pajamas sooo.........

Here's Greyson with uncle Alex.  I call this his Italian gangsta outfit....

After hours of waiting in line, we finally made it so see Santa.  Grey of course fell asleep right before it was our turn.  I handed him over to Santa thinking "I'll just have a sleeping picture of him with Santa".  Bad soon as he woke up in Santa's arms, he started bawling.  Maybe next year will be better.

Mark's parents came to visit so here we are hanging out with Granma Alice and Grandpa Steve.


This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Lira Family.  Greyson wore his special Thanksgiving onsie that Abuelita got him.  Patty and Lissette cooked their first turkey and if I do say so, it was delicious.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Clownin' Around

Here are some random fun pictures....

This is floating-head baby

Friday, December 12, 2008

My First Oatmeal

This is Grey's first solid food (if you can call oatmeal "solid").  He is 6 months old here.  We are probably a little behind with the solids because of his sensitive stomach.  You will notice that he is actually wearing clothes while eating... yeah, that doesn't happen anymore.  Feeding-time is also naked-time for him.  Since this video of the oatmeal, we have also introduced squash and we will try pears or sweet potatoes this weekend.  I can report that he likes the squash much more than the oatmeal.

Tummy Time

Here is Grey's progress towards crawling.  He's still pretty far away.

Monday, November 24, 2008

OK, OK, Here is your dang update...

We'll start with our latest trip up to Alex's House.  When we found out that Michael, Brandi, and Berlin were going to be making a trip to Los Gatos, the three of us hopped on up there to see them.  We had a great time and Grey really enjoyed meeting his cousin Berlin.  Also, the Wickman's came down from San Francisco to meet Grey this weekend, but somehow we don't have any pictures of them.  Booooo.

These are pictures of Grey and Berlin playing together on the play-mat.  You'll notice that Berlin has scratched her face (the result of a bad fall)... pretty good proof that Michael is a negligent parent.

Grey and Berlin sitting out on the deck together.

Alex and his babies.  I really think Dwight is starting to look like Alex.

Grey is really ticklish.  Here he is squealing when I tickle his back.

We put Grey in his jumper out on the deck and Dwight thought it was a new toy.

We had a Halloween / Abbey's Birthday party at our house.  Patty was warrior woman, Grey was a pumpkin, and I was a pimp... I didn't really have to dress up I guess.

Katie was a hot-air ballon tourist (apparently a "double fisting" hot-air ballon tourist).  It was really cute and creative.

Who's the chicken now B#@*h ?!?!?!?  MacKenzie is normally a very funny person, but on this night, in her chicken costume... geeze... I really wished I had filmed some the stuff she was doing.  I peed my pimp pants several times.  You can see Doug, the Gangster in the background.

Abbey also got very creative.  She was a cat that swallowed a fish, with her very pregnant belly being the new home for the doomed fish.

I forget what Omar was... he was either an 80's rapper or a russian mobster... its the same costume either way.

Now, I can't be totally sure, but I think Grey is giving the camera a little "Yeah, what up girl?" look in this picture.

This is my new favorite picture.  He is wearing his polo onsie, some boardshorts, and one of the many cute hats that his Tia Abbey got for him.

We were really tired after a long day.

Lee and V came for a quick overnight visit.  Looking at my camera for pictures to put on this post revealed 23 pictures of V and Patty doing this... thanks girls.

Here are some cute pictures of Grey and mommy cuddling and playing.

This is Grey in a hat that Grandma Smith knitted for him.

Grey playing with Grandpa Lira and wearing his Pooh sunhat and argyle sweater.